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Когда Лорд Кира убил Лорда Асано, он сделал его самураев ронинами - воинов без хозяина. Они долго готовили свою месть и однажды снежной зимней ночью организовали масштабный рейд мести в Эдо.

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The planet is basically a Genre: Sci-Fi Year: 2300 giant rock. There is no lush foliage or vast bodies of water. Instead there are pits of oil and sludge. The terrain has large, jagged rock formations The setting is Earth and the prison planet, Asturia. 90% of the game is jutting out sporadically throughout the landscape. The sky is constantly on Asturia. filled with flashes of green lightning, which brings on poisonous rain storms. Plot summary: Lex Crane, a former police officer, is now the chief of There is a giant prison facility that has been placed on the planet to house security at Skye Global, the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals the galaxy’s most violent and evil criminal element.

From there, creatures and robots will come much, much easier. 19). You can add the assuming you’ve done most of the hard work! Marine tattoos by using a clipart of the standard The dog tags are a fun little detail that I have marine tattoo, and setting the layer blending created in a separate file. 20). 15 – 18). 21). Finally, adding little things like highlights and reflections can really The rifle I’ve created for the main girl is bring a piece to life, so remember to experiment! com page 61 Issue 058 October 2010 Chapter 4: Female Marine Painting Futuristic Marines Textures/Finishing Touches I’m looking for a subtle ‘grungy’ quality to this, so let’s bring in grungy textures and set them to Overlay and Soft Light blending modes, erasing what you don’t.

I like different things about each and the end result merges them all in some way. I start thinking more specifically about the face and hair specifics. Lex Crane (Lexus is his full name and he has always hated the fact that his father named him after a car. His father’s name was Cadillac Crane) is a man in his mid 40’s and is very strong willed and stubborn. He is a haggard and cold, and while good hearted at his core, he has an exterior that would lead people to believe otherwise. Keeping this information in mind is very important.

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