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4000 crucial English phrases is a six-book sequence that's designed to target sensible high-frequency phrases to augment the vocabulary of newbies from excessive commencing to develop degrees. The sequence provides various phrases that hide a wide percent of the phrases that may be present in many spoken or written texts. hence, after getting to know those objective phrases, newcomers may be capable of absolutely comprehend vocabulary goods after they come across them in written and spoken form.
Each unit offers 20 phrases that are outlined and utilized in pattern sentences. The actions within the books are designed to provide the phrases in several makes use of in order that inexperienced persons can totally see how they are often applied. additionally on the finish of every unit there's a tale whch includes the unit's objective phrases to offer freshmen extra examples of the phrases in use. each one point correctly prepares the learner for the subsequent which steadily demanding situations the learner with extra refined vocabulary and tales.

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The character had a pleasant look on its face. r prevent [privent] v. To prevent something is to stop it from happening. -►The handcuffs prevented me from moving my hands. r rock [rak] n. A rock is a hard thing in the dirt. ->I stacked rocks on top of one another. r save [seiv] v. To save something is to keep it from being hurt. -»I want to help save the world. r Step [step] v. To step is to walk. -►Be careful where you step. r still [stii] adv. Still is used when you say that a situation keeps going on.

I accepted the girl’s very nice gift. r arrange [areind3] v. To arrange things is to put them in the right place. -*•Please arrange the bowling pins in order so we can play. r attend [stend] v. To attend something is to go to it. -►My sister and I attend the same school. r balance [bselans] v. To balance something is to keep it from falling. -+We saw an elephant balance itself on a ball. r contrast [kantraest] n. A contrast is the sharp difference between two things. The contrast between my parents is very noticeable.

He causes fright 7. I like living here because__________ . a. I make many choices b. it is a nice community 8. I want to live in Hawaii because___________ . a. it has good weather b. smoking causes lung cancer 9. The storm was very bad, but__________ . a. all of the people survived ___ b. it went a very longdistance 10. We closed the door, but___________ • a. the dog escaped b. it was an individual The Friendly Ghost A nice woman lived by a large river. She loved children. She wanted to help them in any way.

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