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J-25 -dy< Noting, that 4S(l_S) becomes minimal for 6 = |/3, we choose S := \fl and obtain the assertion. 3. Let v G C°[0,d] n Wlfi(O,d),d > 0 with v(0) = 0. 3) jr d h < 4 f (4-iV-a) 2 J j o o for a < 4 — N provided that the integral on the right hand side is finite. 2) with F = v, 0 := 4 ~^~", noting that F'(r) = r^~if{r) and therefore / 2 (r) = r1'2^ (fQ 2 . PROOF. 4. 3) is the best possible. 5. Ifu e C £ ° ( R " ) , a < i - N 51 and u(0) = 0, fften | r Q -V(s)ds < ( 4 _ ^ _ Q ) 2 J ra~2\Vu{x)\2dx provided that the integral on the right hand side is finite.

35. Let G be a lipschitzian domain and let Ts c G be piecewise Ck-smooth s-dimensional manifold. Let k > 1, p > 1, kp < N, N -kp < s < N and I

Lt := (1 - t)L0 + tLi Furthermore, let Vt e [0,1] and suppose that there exist a constant c such that \\u\\x V be a continuous operator. We assume that the bilinear form a(u,v) = (Au,v)H is continuous and V-coercive, that is there are constants c\ and C2 such that \a(u,v)\ a(u,u) < ci||u||v \\v\\v, > C2||w||v for all u, v € V.

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