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If a fire breaks out in the cabin, these materials will melt to your skin. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption before or during a flight. Alcohol impairs your ability to quickly and methodically react to the crash and evacuate the plane. Never hold your infant or toddler on your lap. While it may be cheaper than buying a seat, your child is almost guaranteed not to survive if you are holding him or her. Get a seat for your child and use an approved child restraint system. Don’t get down on the floor of the plane.

At about 120 knots, pull back on the stick until you are going vertically upwards. Keep the plane heading up. When you are near to falling backwards, push the rudder either left or right. 3. The plane will fall backwards and tilt to the way your rudder is. It will twist round and start to descend vertically. 4. Pull out until straight and level again. That is the procedure for a stall turn. Knife Edge 1. 2. 3. 4. Fly straight and level, go to 3/4 throttle Roll your wings to quarter roll, Input opposite rudder to the roll and hold For exit level your wings and take the rudder out Four Point Roll This is best done with low wings.

Rotor kites, such as the Focke Achgelis Fa 330 are unpowered autogyros, which must be towed by a tether to give them forward ground speed or else be tether-anchored to a static anchor in a highwind situation for kited flight. Gyrodynes are a form of helicopter, where forward thrust is obtained from a separate propulsion device rather than from tilting the rotor. The definition of a 'gyrodyne' has changed over the years, sometimes including equivalent autogyro designs. The Heliplane is a similar idea.

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