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Washington DC, 1997). 9. Murthy, K. K. et al. AIDS Res. Hum. Retroviruses 14 (suppl. 3), S271–S276 (1998). 10. Brent, L. Lab. Anim. 33, 37–43 (2004). Acknowledgements: We thank J. Barnwell, M. Galinski, R. E. Lanford, T. M. Preuss, R. H. Purcell, C. Walker, and S. Williams-Blangero for their suggestions and contributions to this manuscript. We also acknowledge support of our chimpanzee resources by NIH resource and research grants. M. NEUGEBAUER /JGI NATURE|Vol 437|1 September 2005 Vol 437|1 September 2005 BOOKS & ARTS A family resemblance ER PRODUCTIONS/CORBIS We are closely related to other apes, but how similar are we really?

Drug Administration (FDA) approval, and more than 400 others are in clinical trials, including 70 that have proceeded to phase-II testing or beyond3,4. Some of these antibodies were tested in chimpanzees before they entered clinical trials (proprietary data, unpublished). Data for antibodies proposed for clinical trials (but not data for antibodies that produced side-effects or were ineffective in chimpanzees), are supplied to the FDA. However, these data are not published. It has also recently been demonstrated that chimpanzees predict human pharmacokinetics — the time course of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs in the body — more accurately than other animal models, including rats, dogs and other non-human primates5.

Part and closest relative. ” Differences between the human and chimIt is important to note that these recom- NIH-supported chimpanzees continues today. panzee Plasmodium species provide an oppor- mendations were made following what In general, institutions without NIH funding tunity to better understand the biological seemed to have been an overproduction of have also chosen to discontinue breeding characteristics of the human parasite and, per- chimpanzees in response to the discovery that because of concerns that federal and commerhaps, to develop interventions against it.

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