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By Thrangu Rinpoche

One of many finest texts of the Mahayana culture is Shantideva's A advisor to the Bodhisattva's lifestyle. The ebook comprises ten chapters which offers with merits of woke up brain; The Confession of unfavourable Deeds; the complete reputation of woke up brain Conscientiousness Guarding Alterness; The Perfection of persistence; The Perfection of Enthusiasm; The Perfection of Meditation; The Perfection of knowledge and commitment. The booklet additionally comprises notes, glossaries, and bibliography

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I now go terrified to you for refuge-after having neglected your instmction, because ofbeholdingfear. May you quickly extinguish fear. Here we beseech the Buddha and all great bodhisattvas such as Samantrabhadra, Manjushri, Vajradhara, Vajrapani and request them to eradicate the future result ensuing from our negative karma. So with this second remedial power of support of the first remedial power which understands that unvirtue brings about suffering, "-e will develop some tear for the result of these actions.

22. Even after having experienced that duration [of sorrow], one is not released, because while it is being experienced other evil is begotten. 23. Having obtained a brief moment which is endowed with such qualities, there is certainly no greater deception and no greater stupidity than not applying myselfto goodness; 24. and if, indeed, I am again distressed and I sit stupidly inactive, once more I shall burn for a long while as I am driven on by the messengers ofdeath. 25. Long will my body bum in the intolerable fires of hell.

May the Leaders accept my sin and transgression! That which was not good, Lords, will not be done again by me. So we confess negative actions that have accumulated and resolve not to do them again. If we confess without having resolved not to commit such actions again, then we haven't really regretted the negative actions that we committed. It is necessary to understand that we have acted incorrectly and also important to then vow not to commit such actions again. If confession is done in this way, we are able to purify the negative actions committed.

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