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content material: demeanour of sorption and type of the sorption isotherm in fuel, liquid, and ion-exchange chromatography / R.J. Laub --
Characterization of bonded high-performance liquid chromatographic desk bound stages / S.D. Fazio, J.B. Crowther, and R.A. Hartwick --
Column-packing constitution and function / Vladimir Rehák --
adjustments in selectivity of reversed-phase columns for high-performance liquid chromatography / I. Wouters, S. Hendrickx, E. Roets, J. Hoogmartens, and H. Vanderhaeghe --
Selectivity of poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) columns / John M. Joseph --
Chromatographic separation of enantiomers on rationally designed chiral desk bound levels / William H. Pirkle --
Nonoptical noise assets in high-performance liquid chromatographic optical absorbance detectors / Seth R. Abbott and Herman H. Kelderman --
purposes of laser fluorimetry to microcolumn liquid chromatography / V.L. McGuffin and R.N. Zare --
fresh advances in new and in all probability novel detectors in high-performance liquid chromatography and circulate injection research / Ira S. Krull --
Microcomputer-assisted retention prediction in reversed-phase liquid chromatography / Kiyokatsu Jinno and Kazuya Kawasaki --
Calculation of retention for complicated gradient elution high-performance liquid chromatographic experiments : a common strategy / Sterling A. Tomellini, Shih-Hsien Hsu, R.A. Hartwick, and Hugh B. Woodruff --
Manipulation of stationary-phase acid-base houses by way of a surface-buffering impression : boronic acid-saccharide complexation / C.H. Lochmüller and Walter B. Hill --
Cyclodextrin mobile-phase and stationary-phase liquid chromatography / L.J. Cline Love and Manop Arunyanart --
High-resolution, two-dimensional, gel electrophoresis of proteins : easy techniques and up to date advances / Russell P. Tracy --
Capillary supercritical fluid chromatography and supercritical fluid chromatography-mass spectrometry / R.D. Smith, B.W. Wright, and H.R. Udseth.

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139! 478! 238! 198! 754! 975 6 ? 058! 994 5 6 5 7 5 7 3 5 — The magnitude of the "system" peak was said to vary as a function of the type and c o n c e n t r a t i o n of sample i o n ; the i n j e c ­ t i o n volume, the p H of the analyte and eluent solutions, and so f o r t h . 238! 00952 cr Anion s l o Table VL Log ^ A / M ) > P > y-intercept b, and Linear Least-Squares Regression Correlation Coefficient r for Indicated Anions as a Function of Log (Phthalic Acid Mobile-Phase Additive Concentration) at pH 5 .

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