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By Bernd Heinrich

From one of many best naturalist/writers of our time, a desirable research of Nature's inspiring death-to-life cycle

whilst an exceptional pal with a serious disease wrote, asking if he may have his "green burial" at Bernd Heinrich's looking camp in Maine, it encouraged the acclaimed biologist to enquire a subject matter that had lengthy interested him. How precisely does the animal international take care of the turn part of the lifestyles cycle? And what are the teachings, ecological to non secular, raised by means of a detailed examine how the animal international renews itself? Heinrich focuses his fully unique gaze at the interesting doings of creatures so much people may another way shy away from—field mouse burials carried out by way of carrion beetles; the communique techniques of ravens, "the superior northern undertakers"; and the "inadvertent teamwork" between wolves and big cats, foxes and weasels, bald eagles and nuthatches in cold-weather dispersal of prey. Heinrich unearths, too, how and the place people nonetheless play our historic and critical function as scavengers, thereby turning—not airborne dirt and dust to dust—but existence to lifestyles.

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