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By Anders-Christian Jacobsen

The volumes of faith and Normativity provides the newest learn in 3 principal fields. quantity I discusses the development of normative texts in early Christianity and Judaism, together with canon formation, the query of authoritative interpretation of canon, and the re-writing of normative texts in new occasions. between different issues, the authors hire literary theories and reminiscence building.

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In gs signified are the actual thing indicated, then functioning as the incorporeal link between two physical phenomena, that is, the sound and the existing, actual thing. 2 Ideally, this results in a direct proportion between expression and meaning so that words have a natural connection to their reference. ἀ ese linguistic semantics worked well when it came to propositions and proper (κύριοϚ) language, that is, statements that can be judged either true or false. But with non-propositional statements such as poetic language, this natural relationship was replaced in favour of a figurative understanding (κατάχρησιϚ).

Only the literate mind would see the problem of unity, arguing that the New Testament texts are all diverse discursive examples pointing to a single common thing: God incarnated and faith in Jesus Christ.

In a recent article, Loveday Alexander has documented the way in which ancient medical literature similarly pays witness to the existence of a canonical body of writings concentrated around the legendary figure of Hippocrates. ἀ e Hippocratic corpus of writings – whatever the exact number of writings was – had the status of authoritative texts which every new generation of theorists and practitioners had to receive and appropriate in order to negotiate it afresh (2007, 151). Like the occurrence of hermeneutical activity prompted by the existence of authoritative writings, the medical tradition also had its example of deuterosis.

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