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By Bokar Rinpoche

Giving up the normal actions of the mundane global to commit ourselves to non secular perform on my own could create a terrific situation for internal development. this is often attainable for extraordinarily few participants. For the remainder of us who needs to juggle paintings, kin, pals, and take care of all types of feelings, how one can combine our religious perform into way of life are a lot wanted. This booklet supplies us this information in quite a few occasions on the way to develop into extra conscious approximately our lifestyle.

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When we open a door: May the. door of profound reality open. - When we close a door: May the doors of inferior realms be closed. - When we walk: May I progress on the path of Awakening. 48 -When we ride (drive, take a train, and so on): May I ride the horse of diligence. -When we cross a river (on a bridge, a boat): May I cross the ocean of samsara. - When we go up a hill or stairs: May I climb the path of liberation. - When we arrive at our destination: May I arrive at the city of nirvana. - When we encounter a master or an excellent person: May I encounter and follow a perfect master.

We see various things, people acting, talking, reflecting. In fact, it is only a mock up of reality. Outside of the screen appearances there are no human beings, no actions, no words, no thoughts. All phenomena have this same nature, they are simple appearances devoid of a reality on their own, similar to a dream. Looking at our mind: We become aware in moments that television is an object known by the subject that is our mind. We then tum our mind to itself and let it relax and rest in peace. 52 By occasionally watching television and using these methods, television cannot harm us.

We wish at the same time that the animal be delivered from inferior realms and be born into the Land of Bliss. Doing this not only brings help to the animal but also diminishes the strength of negative karma accumulated through eating meat. 6- Television Since television did not exist at the time of the Buddha, he did not talk about it. However, nowadays in the West, most people spend time in front of the television. Watching television occasionally is not harmful, but devot'mg many hours is harmful from several points of view.

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