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By Ken Wilber

The writer of 19 books of philosophy and psychology, Ken Wilber is a pioneering philosopher who has built an essential "theory of everything" that embraces the truths of either japanese spirituality and Western technological know-how. but whereas he's most sensible recognized for his scholarly study into the world's contemplative traditions, Wilber can also be an finished religious practitioner and mystic in his personal correct. with a view to spotlight the non-public knowledge of this well known writer, the editors of The uncomplicated Feeling of Being have assembled a suite of inspirational, mystical, and tutorial passages drawn from his courses. those heartfelt writings, born of Ken's personal meditation perform and internal stories, include:

• Poetic passages of contemplative insights and reflections
• encouraged descriptions of Spirit, Nondual understanding, the Witness, One style, and different themes
• statement at the religious contributions of figures resembling Ralph Waldo Emerson, Saint Teresa of Ávila, Meister Eckhart, and Ramana Maharshi
• Anecdotes of private event and glimpses into Wilber's internal international
• useful religious directions and guided meditations

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It’s what is called funda- No Such Thing as a True Story 45 mental theism. You want something to hold on to, you want to say, “Finally I have found it. ” Buddhism is not free of it either. This is a human thing. But in Buddhism there is a teaching that would seemingly undercut all this, if people would only listen to it. ” This means that if you can find Buddha and say, “It’s this way; Buddha is like this,” then you had better kill that “Buddha” that you found, that you can say is like this. Contemplative and mystical Christians, Hindus, Jews, people of all faiths and nonfaiths can also have this perspective: if you meet the Christ that can be named, kill that Christ.

This technique with the breath is said to be without a goal. You are not doing it to achieve anything except to be fully present. Being fully present isn’t something that happens once and then you have 22 The Wisdom of No Escape achieved it; it’s being awake to the ebb and flow and movement and creation of life, being alive to the process of life itself. That also has its softness. If there were a goal that you were supposed to achieve, such as “no thoughts,” that wouldn’t be very soft. You’d have to struggle a lot to get rid of all those thoughts, and you probably couldn’t do it anyway.

Thich Nhat Hanh, in his Guide to Walking Meditation, begins by talking about how everybody carries around this burden, and if you want to put it off, if you want to lay it down, you can do it. You can connect with the joy in your heart. On a day of silence like today, when things are very still, you may find that you are feeling grim and doing everything with a grim expression: grimly opening the door, grimly drinking your tea, concentrating so hard on being quiet and still and moving slowly that you’re miserable.

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