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By Irena Salina

Written in Water: Messages of wish for Earth's most useful Resource comprises a suite of essays authored through heroes and leaders within the box of water suggestions and innovations—a extensive variety of individuals from different disciplines who've contributed their hearts and minds to bringing understanding to and keeping Earth’s freshwater provide. of their personal phrases, authors inform of such tragedies as water slavery, drought, or infection, in addition to their very own specialist struggles and successes in pursuit of freshwater solutions.

Contributors contain: Alexandra Cousteau, social environmental suggest and granddaughter of mythical marine scientist Jacques Cousteau; Peter Gleick, environmental visionary and winner of a 2003 MacArthur "genius grant"; invoice McKibben, bestselling writer and winner of a Guggenheim fellowship; Sylvia Earle, oceanographer and Time magazine’s first "hero for the planet"; and Christine Todd Whitman, former head of the Environmental security company, in addition to greater than a dozen different extraordinary people.

These visionaries’ tales contact, shock, and amaze as they assist us see the basic position performed by means of water in our international, our lives, and our destiny. those are everybody who're pondering a ways past the area of self; they're dedicated to making a larger global for we all.

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